"A bridge between the Created and the Uncreated worlds"
Nettywood invites you to walk that bridge and be a part of the first Online Entertainment Industry, where you get to create your world, by expressing yourself and realize your dreams!
Nettywood provides a platform for people to connect, inform, and inspire others across the like minded society.
Nettywood acts as Advertising, Marketing & Distribution platform for original content creators and advertisers, large or small and by subscription and paid view.
Nettywood.com will provide a comprehensive set of value added "Indigenous Consumer Entertainment" services, that will be specifically catered to our audience and to various sponsors and brands by placement and integration of their product into the story. Brands and companies will benefit by product placements and product integration in stories.
Other support system would be Nettywood – Online Nettywood Radio, Bioscope, Magazine and News.
Dream, Imagine and realize. Become an Actor / Director / Singer / Musician / Producer etc.. Be what you want to be.